What Quality Assured Is Doing To Help Businesses During COVID-19

While the world may be in a whole new state of uncertainty, our desire is to be one of the strong pillars within our community that can bring positivity as well as a sense of normalcy.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are finding some new forms of flexibility that will benefit our customers in the near-and-long term.  We are also seeking to promote positivity and hope within the core of every small business in Northeast Wisconsin at a time when it is being drained the most. 

First, our partnerships with different lending companies have allowed us to come up with some unique solutions that allow us to positively impact the cashflow of our customers.  Some of which include: 

· New 90-day deferred leases with no added interest 

If someone were to take advantage of the deferred lease option, they would not have to pay a single copier lease payment until 3-months after the installation date of their new copier 

· Short term options

We are offering rentals and other short-term options to get you by until the world returns to some semblance of normalcy 

· Personal Printers and Copiers

Through our Quality One Program, we can get you the personal printer/copier that you need for your at-home office.  With black-and-white printers starting at just $50/month, working remotely can be just like working at the office! 

On the service and installation side, we have had to make some adjustments as to how we conduct service calls and installs.  We are remaining incredibly flexible with our clients and prospective customers – doing everything from avoiding touching personal computers, to conducting service calls with gloves on, to dropping off a new copier at a specified location and installing the drivers remotely.  Whatever your new policy, you can rest assured that we will accommodate you and your new health guidelines.

To leave you with even more positivity, check out some of the cool things that people are doing to help small businesses throughout America!  The other day, John Rzeznik, lead singer of Goo Goo Dolls, held a porch concert to benefit small businesses within Westfield, New Jersey.  A little closer to home, Hendricks Family Distillery in Omro, WI has started making free hand sanitizer bottles for the community -- only asking for donations if you are able.  There are even businesses around Wisconsin who are offering a roll of toilet paper with each order! 

These times may seem impossible to navigate through, but just remember that you have people who are willing to help.  Sometimes you need to look beyond the negatives to recognize all the good. 

I, for one, am offering myself up to local businesses and individuals who are struggling.  I will try to do whatever I can to ease these rough times – whether that means helping out a sales or marketing team, being an ear to listen to you, or simply a spirit praying for you.  I know that the rest of our team at Quality Assured is there for you too! 

Stay safe and healthy.


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