What is bizhub SECURE?

Office network security solutions from QAOM and Konica Minolta bizhub technology.
QAOM and bizhub SECURE

Where there is uncertainty, people tend to look for security and comfort.  I believe that is true and I am sure that if you talk to any psychology major (like my wife), they will tell you the same.

Thanks to the vast amount of uncertainty in our world today, people are looking to find security in any form that they can.  I wanted to take some time to talk about some ways that we are continuing to help our customers achieve more stability and certainty in the areas that we have control over.  Which leads me to the topic for today: physical security of their copiers.

If you look at any pictures of the copiers on our website, you will notice that they have a “bizhub SECURE” sticker on the front of them.

Let me explain what exactly that sticker means...

Konica Minolta’s Security

Before jumping into what bizhub SECURE is and what it does, I want to mention that Konica Minolta has security for their copiers and printers that is unrivaled.  They are the only manufacturer that has never experienced a security breach or hack against them.  The reason behind that is because they write their own code, build and patent their own parts, and enlist the help of a “hacker team” to try and find any weak spots in their devices before releasing the latest series to the public.

Why bizhub SECURE, then?

Because there are certain regulations that need to be met within different industries, Konica Minolta had to provide something that could hit all the different security markers that would make their devices secure enough (on paper) to use in healthcare facilities, government facilities, NASA, etc.  Enter in bizhub SECURE…

What does it do?

To avoid just listing endless features, I will boil this down to the most important things that it does:

  • Device hard drive encryption (allowing only authorized parties access to it)

  • Automatic, timed overwrites on the hard drive (so data is not stored on the copier)

  • Hard drive password locking

  • Automatic deletion of temporary image data

Am I charged for this add-on?

No; we believe so strongly in this added component, that we include it free of charge with no questions asked on every compatible device (normally $250).

Why no charge?

It all boils down to the three words that we use as a filter for everything that we do at Quality Assured: peace of mind.

We want to make sure that our customers’ peace of mind is the first and last thing on our mind.  That leads us to make decisions that do not leave anything up to chance, like putting bizhub SECURE on every compatible device before it leaves our office.

We believe that the security of our customers’ copiers should not even be a worry in their minds.


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