Using Our Time Wisely

As I look back on the past couple of months, I cannot remember a time when I spent more time talking to friends and family.  My experience with this might be slightly different than most people, but the majority of my family and friends do not live in the Northeast Wisconsin area.  Some are down in Indiana, others are in New York, and I have a few in Minnesota.

Thanks to me not feeling drained at the end of days, I find myself picking up the phone and calling my friends and family more often.  I have spent more time talking with my Christian friend and mentor in Rochester, New York over the past two months than I did over the last half of 2019.  That got me thinking…

Why do we so often give most of our time and energy to our work and give the leftovers to everyone else?  Is that fair to them?  Is that fair to US?

After pondering these questions, I talked with Wendy Roberts, our President (whom many of you know), to hear where she is spending her time during this Safer At Home order.

“One of the main things that I have found myself doing is reaching out to friends that live further away and having video conference calls with them,” said Wendy.  “In one particular case, I have a friend who lives in Milwaukee and another friend who lives in Chicago – with whom I have been friends for many, many years.  We struggle to find times to all get together and catch up and with the pandemic we set up a Skype meeting.  It was great and honestly can’t figure out why we never thought about doing this earlier.”

It was truly funny to see that even though Wendy and I are in different places in our lives, we both were doing pretty much the same thing with our time.  We took this time of isolation and turned it into an opportunity to connect with people we struggle to regularly see.

Are there loved ones with whom you have not talked to in weeks, months, or years?  I am sure there were at least one or two people that instantly popped into your mind when I asked that question.

I think we should take this unique time that we have been given and reach out to loved ones.  Set up Skype or Facetime calls with friends you have not talked to in a long time!  I challenge you to reach out and truly share this time of isolation with others.  Let’s also make meaningful connections become the new normal whenever everything starts to open back up.

We can start to change the world, even if it is only by taking our time that we have and sharing it with loved ones.

- Conor

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