A Day at the Orchard

As summer is winding down, a lot of people are looking for ways that they can enjoy a few last rays of the summer sun while spending time with their families. Thankfully for all of us, a staple in Northeast Wisconsin is opening for the fall this weekend!

On Saturday, August 29th, Heritage Orchard in Chilton will be open to the public as Paula Red apple season starts. If you are unfamiliar with Paula Red apples, they are a variation of apple that ripen earlier than others – late August, early September to give you a better reference for time.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the art of apple picking, you will want to lift the apple and turn it backward to break it off at the spur. Doing it this way allows for the spur to stay intact and helps future apple production. You also will want to pick the apples from the bottom of the tree first, as this will help the apples closer to the trunk get more sunlight.

Unfortunately for all you apple cider lovers, it will not be available at Heritage Orchard until late September. This is due to there only being the Paula Red apples available until the middle of September. An apple cider with just one apple type would not be the same as one with many different apples, according to the owner of Heritage Orchard.

They are open every day from 9am-5pm in September and October. At the orchard, you will only be required to wear a mask while inside the shop.

If you do not have any plans this weekend, take the drive down to Chilton and pick some apples. Make sure you pack your fishing pole, too, so you can catch some fish on Lake Winnebago!

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