Tips to Stop Thinking About the Election

Tips To Stop Thinking About the Election Blog Post from Quality Assured Office Machines, Inc. Green Bay
Tips to Stop Thinking About the Election

Think about turkey…lots and lots of turkey.

Or at least that is what I am doing at the moment as I am counting down the days until my favorite holiday of the year: #Thanksgiving.

What other holiday are you actually encouraged to gain 6 pounds in a single sitting? Or eat with your hands like an animal if you are lucky enough to get a turkey leg? Or eat until you fall asleep on your plate?

Okay, fine – maybe that last one is just me, but you get the picture. If you are blessed enough, Thanksgiving is a time where you can eat whatever you want, however you want, in whatever portion your heart desires.

Unfortunately, not everyone is in the same position as I am or as a lot of my neighbors are. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding why, there is a big chunk of our community that cannot afford a Thanksgiving meal. Thankfully, there is an organization in Northeast #Wisconsin who is trying to help.

Being the Hands and Feet (and Legs) In Our Community

Every Thanksgiving for the past 37 years, the Christian Outreach Ecumenical Thanksgiving Ministry has been partnering with Green Bay #Packers Give Back to provide Thanksgiving meals to those who are alone or in need.

Many of those meals have been held inside Lambeau Field’s atrium. This year, due to #COVID-19, every meal will be delivered to those in need.

10 local churches and parishes are involved in this ministry and they are putting their resources together to help make it happen.

If you or someone you know is in need of a Thanksgiving meal this year, call 920-490-7030 to make a reservation.

If you would like to donate and help them provide meals to those less fortunate, please contact them at christianoutreachgb@gmail.com. Also, even though they do not need volunteers to serve the meals within Lambeau Field, they still need many volunteers – about 150 to still put the event on safely. One of their biggest needs right now is for delivery drivers, so if you are looking to help out please reach out to the email above.

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