The Time Is Now

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The Time Is Now

If the past few months has taught me anything, it has taught me how quickly something can change or be taken away. “Do not take anything for granted” has taken on an entirely new meaning for me. In the past, I found myself saying, doing and thinking as if everything in my life would be there tomorrow…

If the fragility of life wasn’t apparent to you already, it should be now. It is shockingly clear how fast things can change; how your once daily routine can be taken away. Although it took a global pandemic for me to realize that the time for action is NOW, I am thankful it is in the forefront of my thinking at this time. I had been putting off doing multiple things in my life because I always thought I could do them whenever I wanted. In my eyes, no change could possibly restrict me from doing those things. I was most certainly wrong about that.

As former NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow has stated in the past, you’re not promised tomorrow. The time to stop putting off whatever it is that you’ve been putting off is now. Maybe it's getting your health in order, calling an old friend, starting that business you’ve always been too afraid to start, or going on that road trip you’ve always dreamed of.

We need to live now if we want to be fulfilled in this life. We need to take massive, immediate action, as author and motivator Nick Bare says in his podcasts. I will even take it a step further than that… We need to take deliberate action in everything that we do. Without deliberate action, things in life occur by happenstance and that can often leave people feeling unfulfilled.


1. Live with intention

· Intentional living will leave you striving for more.

2. Live with a purpose

· If you live with a purpose, everything you do will be ON purpose.

3. Inspire those around you to be great!

· When you become a inspirational force to others, you change the world around you.

4. Control what you can control and try not to sweat the rest.

· Do you know what you can control?  Every decision you make, how you act, and how you react.  If you try to control anything else, you will likely feel unfulfilled and frustrated.

Get off the bench and get into the game of life! There are so many things to be thankful for and so many relationships to curate and memories to make.

Let relationships and memories be your currency.

You only get one shot; will you take it?

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