The Real, Genuine Difference

As our world has been thrown into more chaos and confusion than any other time since I have been alive, it has become even more important to find something genuine in our lives; whether that is a person, a business, or a genuine love of a hobby.  Thankfully, businesses like Garden to Doorsteps Organics (GTDO) provide something genuine in everything that they do.

For the owners of the company, what started out as a vision to keep their own family as healthy as possible grew into a full-fledged business that impacts the community in a multitude of ways.  When they realized that they wanted to turn this into a business, they started in possibly the most organic way possible; they hung flyers door-to-door and tried to spread the word of their new venture.  After gaining some traction within their first week of operation, things blew up from there and compounded.  Thanks to this, they are now a business that has been able to help many people and industries throughout these crazy times of today.

Helping Local Animal Shelters

After making an order, you can leave any pet food, cleaning supplies, or paper products on your doorstep.  Your GTDO delivery driver will pick them up upon delivery of your order and then they will donate the products to local animal shelters.

Supporting Our Local Heroes

If you visit their website, you will be able to purchase a half-box or full box of produce to donate to local hospitals, fire departments, etc.  GTDO will then deliver the box to these local heroes in your name as a show of appreciation for their help and bravery.

  • Go to “The Shop” on their website

  • Click on the ‘Donations’ section

  • Choose either a full box or ½ box donation

On top of all these great things, Garden to Doorstep Organics works with local organic farmers as well.  This means that when you order from them you are not only helping a local small business; you are also supporting our local farmers.

If you would like to order some organic produce and make a difference, you have three options:

  1. Visit their website and order online at

  2. Call them at 920-376-3376

  3. Email them at

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