The Good Within The Bad

On this second full week of May – being a couple of months into working remotely – it seems like people are truly hitting their stride, getting used to, and trying to enjoy this new normal of working from home.  These stressful times have been able to lead to some happiness for people; whether you are spending more quality time with your kids, blasting the newest ‘The 1975’ song in your headphones all day while you work, or doing a little bit of “A” and a little bit of “B” – like myself.

Like most of the workforce before the COVID-19 pandemic, our Network Support and Installation Guru, Kimberly Alft, spent more time away from home than at home.

“Prior to the Safer at Home order, by the time I would get done with work, pick my son up, get home, and make dinner there was only 1-2 hours before bedtime,” said Kimberly.  “I felt like I wasn’t getting enough time to spend with him except on the weekends.”

For those of you who do not know Kimberly, she is incredibly dedicated to everything that she does – whether that is loving her family, doing an incredible job at QAOM making sure my installs go smoothly, or anything else that happens throughout her days.  Now, thanks to the quieting of life’s hectic schedule, she has the freedom to take a deep breath and enjoy more quality time with her son.

“I have been spending so much more time with my son and it has been great,” she remarked.  “Don’t get me wrong; I spent every day with him before, but the Safer at Home order has allowed me to spend even more time with him!”

When all of this is over, I hope there is a piece of everyone that misses the quiet, the calm, and the quality time that has been spent with the people who truly matter in our lives.  I hope the mindset of the average American worker changes and we try to find a healthy balance between work and life.  After talking with Kimberly, I am sure she feels the same way.

I will leave you with a profoundly positive outlook that came during what is likely the most stressful and inconvenient world event that has happened since WWII.

“Life goes by so fast,”  Kimberly pondered, “and it’s times like these that allow us to pause the chaos of the world and appreciate the time that we have every day – not just live for the weekends.”

- Conor

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