Service That Leads to Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is something that helps a lot of businesses and people function to the best of their abilities. It is easier to do your job when you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your basic tools and equipment will always be ready at your disposal. It helps you focus more on the important parts of your business structure and less on the stuff in the background that makes everything click. Ever since I started working at Quality Assured Office Machines, I realized that our company has been about one thing: peace of mind for our customers. Whether it is the automatic meter readings, our automatic toner replenishment program, or the 99% up-time we provide our customers with, we try to offer complete peace of mind in all that we do. That is why being a Pro-Tech Certified Konica Minolta dealer is so important to everyone at our company. It has been an honor to be recognized as one of only 3 Pro-Tech dealers within the state of Wisconsin and we look forward to continuing that status into the foreseeable future. To get a little background about what it means to be Pro-Tech Certified, check out the bullets below:

  • Constant, Consistent Training

Becoming certified is not as easy as just getting your driver’s license once and being set for years. Our technicians must go through different trainings on all things Konica Minolta every year in order to be recertified. This ensures that they are up to date on all the technological advancements and are ready to better serve you.

  • High Service Standards

Every aspect of our service management team is scrutinized and peeled through to make sure that we live up to the high standards set forth by Konica Minolta. Some of the things that are taken into account include technical expertise, customer satisfaction, dispatch systems, and inventory control. Our customers help dictate whether we are Pro Tech certified or not!

  • For Us, It’s More Than Just a Numbers Game.

In order for a dealer to become Pro-Tech Certified, at least 50% of their service techs must meet the Pro-Tech status. At Quality Assured, 100% of our service techs meet Pro-Tech status. This means that no matter who services your Konica Minolta device from QAOM, they are an expert in their field – and have the certification to prove it!

Being Pro-Tech certified allows us to give our customers security and comfort in knowing that we can handle any service need that they may have. Quality Assured is not just in the business of providing copiers and printers; we are in the business of providing peace of mind.

- Conor

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