Possibility Through Positivity

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Possibility Through Positivity

Have you ever thought of attempting a nearly impossible physical feat?  Now imagine not only attempting, but completing that same miraculous feat using only your arms… Would or could you even want to do it anymore?  Well, that’s exactly what Grant Korgan did.  He used only his arms to push himself on a custom-built sled roughly 80 miles – the final degree of latitude on a map – to one of the most desolate, unwelcoming, cold and barren places on this beautiful planet – the South Pole. 

During this time of self-quarantine, I have found myself scrolling through shows on all sorts of platforms more often than I normally would.  Recently, I was doing just that when I came across a documentary called “The Push” (released February of 2018) on Hulu.  After watching the trailer, I decided to hit play.

The next 90 minutes were incredibly inspiring and motivating…

After sustaining a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down, Grant Korgan – a world-class adventurer, nanoscientist, and professional athlete – refused to balk at his new reality.  Ten years prior, when his best friend and climbing partner passed away in an avalanche, his parents entrusted Korgan with their son’s equipment, allowing him to continue climbing in memory of his friend.  Spurred by his commitment to a friend and an overwhelming sense of self-belief, along with the unconditional love and support of his soulmate and wife Shawna, Korgan decided right from the start that he would overcome.  By doing the hard work and tirelessly visualizing his progression, he found the strength to rise and reclaim his active lifestyle by becoming the first spinal-cord-injured athlete in history to ski 80 miles to Antarctica’s South Pole.  Today, he is the emerging face of spinal cord recovery and heralds his message of choosing positivity through adversity.  He does this so that we may all climb the mountains in life for those we love. (Choose Positivity Now, n.d.)

This story of heartbreak and ultimately triumph – by using the power of positivity and the unlimited strength of the human spirit – were truly an encouragement.  Grant’s story also provided me with a change in perspective.  Perspective to know that you and I are in charge of our future.  We are in control of how we enjoy every day that we are blessed with.  His circumstances could have easily broken his will to live life to its fullest, but he CHOSE positivity and by doing so his perspective changed completely.

I find that it is extremely easy to see the negative in many types of situations.  It would have been very easy for Grant to see only the negatives – being that he could not use his legs – but the power in this story comes from the fact that he found the positive in his circumstance.  In finding the positive, he could now empower others through his story.  If you do not get anything else from this, please, at the very least take a moment to count your blessings.  If you still have full use of your legs, you can even start with counting that blessing, if needed.

Grant’s story of perseverance through positivity has inspired me to write this post about his story.  His story of how he has used a potentially crippling accident for good, how he has used the ‘power of positivity’ to accomplish incredible things and how he has inspired others to use this mindset to their advantage.  It may not mean sledding across Antarctica, climbing Mount Everest or bench pressing 400 pounds.  It may be as simple as making a concerted effort to have a positive outlook on everyday occurrences.   As a result, you will find that your overall attitude, personal relationships, work life and social life all improve.  Thus, making life that much more enjoyable. 

This concept is unbelievably relevant in the times we all find ourselves in today: times of immense uncertainty that make it easy for us to let negative thoughts creep in.  Like Grant, though, we need to find the silver lining in our circumstances and use it to our advantage.  It may not be to pursue a physical goal but simply to stay positive and shine a light to those who need it the most right now.

Our positivity blogs are being written in order to aide our readers in their mind shift to more positive thinking.  Through writing these stories, we hope that inspiration and motivation within our community are byproducts.  This type of thought is what Grant used in order to do what most would consider the impossible.  Grant said in the film, “Live your limitless potential,” but being in a negative state does not allow this to happen.  The power of positivity creates an inspiration to be more, to tap into your true potential and be great!

I hope this story has inspired and motivated you to do something GREAT!  Pick up your phone and call or text someone to tell them about this story and documentary.  After doing so, ask them to do the same.  Let’s spread positivity and make the world a better place!

- Kellan

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