Pet Power

As you may already know, the Wisconsin Humane Society reached out to the public in early March to ask for their help in preparing for the upcoming possibility of a shutdown.  The response they received was enormous as they were able to get 300 pets adopted or fostered into new homes within 5 days!  To put that into perspective, that’s roughly a 40% increase over the same time last year.

Being a fairly new dog owner myself (shout out to my buddy Tank - see below!), this story not only makes me extremely happy for the 300 animals that now have a home, it also makes me think of all the families who have the unconditional love and comfort of an animal during - what has been for some - a very lonely time.  These animals were taken from an isolated environment and given freedom they may not have otherwise received.  The current situation has made it much easier for me personally to relate to an animal in the sense that being in the same isolated location for a long period of time can be very tough.  Hopefully these animals and families, as well as anyone who already had a pet, have been able to the see the mental benefits and mood-boosting ability an animal can bring into a household during this time (or any time for that matter).  

The mutual benefit between an animal and a person runs far greater than I could have ever imagined.  I must admit; before Tank became a member of our family, I was totally against having a pet in my house.  As hard as I fought to keep that mentality, Tank tugged at my heart strings and now the thought of him not being there is a thought I try to keep out of my head.  It’s safe to say that I am now a dog lover as I would do anything for him.

What I love about him more than anything, though, is that he is always the same.  Outside circumstances do not affect his happiness and how he goes about his days.  I think there is a lot to learn from that...  If we truly give thanks for everything we have and do not take things like food for granted, it would be much harder to find the negative in things.  If we were thankful, joyful and happy every time we were blessed with another meal – just as a dog is - how would that change our lives?

Pet power is the power to be filled with positivity, joy and happiness no matter the circumstances or position we find ourselves in – just as an animal does.  If we model ourselves a little more after our pets, I truly believe we will find that we have it much better than we think we do – even in times like these.  


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