Park ‘n’ Play Bingo

As the father of a newborn, I have not had much time to think, let alone write.  My daughter was born a little over a month ago and it has been a whirlwind these past few weeks.  I have had to juggle a newborn daughter, my 3-year-old son, my wife, and work – all in the midst of a pandemic!

Unfortunately, that meant the blog was put on hold for the past two weeks.  It felt like something was missing in my life, but I am now happy to bring this writing back to a weekly occurrence.

There is a lot of good that has happened in the past couple of weeks up here in Northeast Wisconsin, so let us dive into story number one.

It is no secret that the most heavily impacted age group during this pandemic has been those within the 65-and-older demographic, whether that is from the virus itself or from the isolation that has been brought on by the virus.  Because of these factors, they have missed out on their visiting grandkids, trips to the car shows and ballgames, and their weekly bingo games.

That last item can be finally crossed off the “Badger Bounce Back” bingo card – all thanks to some great organizers at the Thompson Center in Appleton.

Though the Thompson Center has been closed since the pandemic took hold in March, over 80 people showed up to the parking lot to play Park ‘n’ Play Bingo.  Some people chose to wearing masks out in the summer heat.  Almost everyone, though, did their part and kept socially distant.  I am sure there were plenty of air hi-fives and air hugs to go around whenever someone got a bingo.

If you want something to brighten up your day, just think of this:

Instead of isolation and despair, those 80 people were able to experience the beautiful five letter word that is often ringing in the hallways of nursing homes and retirement condos…


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