Outdoor Fun (Without the Bugs)

One thing I have constantly heard throughout my life is, “In my day, people didn’t have video games.  We actually went outside and enjoyed the fresh air.”  Well, the more things change, the more they stay the same…

With a worldwide pandemic rocking our great state, there have been a lot of unwanted changes.  People may not be able to go to Milwaukee Brewer or Appleton Timber Rattler games – check out the Green Bay Booyah if you need that baseball itch scratched – but families are still flocking to beaches, state parks, and local parks around Wisconsin.  Effectively getting off their phones and enjoying nature.

There was recently a news story about how Brown County parks have seen an incredible increase in park users this year, thanks mostly to the pandemic we are all facing.  In May of this year, over 140,000 individuals visited parks throughout Brown County, Wisconsin.  When compared to the roughly 50,000 visitors in May of 2019, you can see the huge effect that the “new normal” is having on people and where they are seeking to have their outdoor fun.

When people are spending more time outside around woods, lakes, rivers, and streams, they also have a greater risk of encountering my least favorite part of summer: bugs – namely mosquitos.  Thankfully, an area organization has given us some tips on how to avoid those pesky bugs that have a tendency to put a damper on fun outings.


Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve recently had a TV spot on local Fox 11 news, highlighting mosquitos and some ways that we can better protect ourselves.

Fun fact of the day – did you know that mosquitos’ main food source is not blood?  It’s nectar.

The female mosquitos need the blood of humans and other animals to better develop the eggs inside of them, which is why they bite you at the family barbecue.

Ways to Limit Mosquito Bites

· Wear Bug Repellant

Barkhausen recommended using the all-natural options but warned that you will need to reapply more often if you use them.

· Wear Lighter Colors

Mosquitos are more attracted to darker colors like black, brown, and navy blue, so throw on an outfit that has more whites or yellows in it to better protect yourselves against bites.

· Use Fans Outside

Mosquitos are notoriously poor fliers, so anything that simulates a strong wind should help repel mosquitos.

· Remove Objects with Standing Water

Objects such as pools, buckets, and bird baths that can fill up with water tend to attract mosquitos.  They are a breeding ground for mosquitos, as they lay their eggs in bodies of water (both large and small).

For additional information regarding mosquitos and how you can prevent bites, please visit https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/mosquito/bite-prevention.htm

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