More Than Copiers and Printers: Inspiring Through Joy and Positivity

As our motto at Quality Assured Office Machines states, “more than copiers and printers – it’s peace of mind,” we came together as a team to discuss how we could be exactly that - more than copiers and printers.

We collectively decided that the best way to do this was to bring joy and positivity to the masses through a blog in which the only stories were 100% positive.  We’ve found that not only our local community, but also our state, country, and entire world has banded together to help their fellow human in creative ways as a result of the current situation.  Our main goal is to shed a light on these stories in order to show that, even during perceived dark times, there is a light that always shines much brighter.  Right now, as the amount of screen time is higher than it normally is, we need to use that to our advantage and turn the internet and social media into places of hope!  

We sincerely hope that these stories bring you happiness as well as inspire you to bring joy – the gift that truly keeps on giving – to others’ lives.  Our wish for anyone reading this is that you will find that the feeling you get from giving is much greater than the feeling you get from receiving.  We challenge you to bring joy to someone before the day is over – we promise that you won’t regret it!

By constantly surrounding ourselves with positivity through writing these blog posts, we’ve found that it has brought a certain joyfulness into our own lives.  We have also found a passion and a purpose in helping others that has reached a deeper level than ever before.  We are extremely humbled and honored to be an outlet for good.

In order to continue providing our community with stories that bring joy and positivity, we are asking for help from community members like you!  If you, your business, or anyone you know is doing something to impact the community for the better, please send your story to We want to continue to provide our community with hope, while also shining the spotlight on local businesses who are doing great things!

As mentioned earlier, our motto at Quality Assured Office Machines states, “more than copiers and printers – it’s peace of mind,” we hope our blogs bring you inspiration, joy, positivity and most of all - peace of mind!

- Kellan

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