Minimize The Slump – Destroy Negativity

Minimize the Slump and Destroy Negativity blog post from Quality Assured Office Machines, Inc.
Minimize the Slump - Destroy Negativity

My guess is that it is safe to assume you have all heard the saying, “practice what you preach.”  If you have been following along with our blog, you may have noticed a common theme about surrounding yourself with positivity at all costs.  Not only have we been preaching this, but I also have been practicing it for some time now and have found it extremely beneficial in my own life.

With that being said, I was recently listening to a podcast called “Destroying Negative Thoughts w/ Trevor Moawad” on The Ed Mylett Show, and within that podcast, Trevor Moawad told a story that was my inspiration for this blog post.

Trevor tells the story secondhand from his father, a former teacher, who told him the story of a former student.  I’m going to paraphrase the story the best I can but you can listen to his version on the podcast or on YouTube at this link beginning at 18:29 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yzIXv9XY7Q.

So, the story goes… there was a student who essentially was a burnout and did not apply himself in school but as a promise to his mom, he took the SAT.  If you are like me, you may not have taken the SAT at all, as all that was needed for me to get into a Wisconsin state college was the ACT.  Just as a reference point, the SAT is based on a 1,600-point scale.  When this particular student received his score back, it was a huge shocker to him as well as everyone that knew him – he had scored a 1,480!!  To put this into perspective, this score is essentially genius level.  His mom was so shocked that she even asked him if he cheated.  He told her that he had tried to cheat but the desk had been positioned in a way to make that impossible.

This SAT score served as a life-altering event in this young man’s life.  As a result, he decided to make a big change going into his senior year.  He started going to class, applying himself and making much better decisions throughout his life.  As a result, his teachers had taken notice and started treating him much differently.  Also, relationships began to form with people who shared his new passion to learn, succeed and live a much more fulfilling lifestyle.  He ended up going to college and on to an Ivy League school where he received an MBA.  He then became an extremely successful magazine entrepreneur.

What a great story right??  Well, it gets better… 

12 years later, he received a letter from the SAT board.  Apparently, it’s commonplace for them to review scores to ensure the accuracy of their exam.  The letter said they had reviewed his score and found that 13 people that year had received the wrong score and he was one of them.  Instead of the 1,480 that changed his life, he actually received a 740!  

When asked about this situation later, he said, “The 1,400 didn’t change my life – acting like a 1,400 did.”  This goes back to perspective and having a positive attitude.  This score changed his perspective to one where he thought he was intelligent and could achieve success if only he applied himself, which changed his attitude and made him think much more positively about his life circumstances.  As Trevor Moawad says, “The right attitude is a competitive advantage” (Moawad, 2020).  This exam score changed his attitude and ultimately changed his life’s course for the better.

Let this be another example of the power of positivity – but remember – it doesn’t take a life-altering event to change your perspective and ultimately help you evolve into a more positive person.  You have a choice!  Wake up every day and consciously make that choice – choose positivity.  “FACT:  Your negative talk is 40-50 times more powerful than your positive thoughts” (Mylett, 2020).  Do not let negative talk have power; keep it out of your mind and mouth and watch what will happen in your life.  I promise you, speaking from experience, you will not be disappointed.

In all reality, it is still tough to choose this way of life 100% of the time, which is why I love this quote - “minimize the slump” (Maowad, 2020).  This concept – minimize the slump essentially means minimize the negativity – is where I really began to see a noticeable change in myself and my attitude.  I have become more self-aware throughout my positivity journey, thus making it much easier to realize when negativity is creeping in.  Once you know it is there, you have the chance and choice to change it.  Being able to minimize the negativity is crucial, as it leads you back to positive thinking, which is much more beneficial to a productive and happy lifestyle.

We are all a work in progress – let’s WORK on becoming better each and every day and compound that positivity into something much bigger than us!  It is an intentional choice and you have to put in the work.

Make the choice – destroy negativity.


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