Kettle Bell's and the Holidays

Kettle Bells and the Holidays Blog Post from Quality Assured Office Machines, Inc. Green Bay
Red Kettle Bell's and the Holidays

For anyone who has lived in America for an extended period of time, the sound of kettle bells is one that will instantly make you think it is time for #Thanksgiving and #Christmas. Ever since before I was born, the Salvation Army has had bell ringers at many different locations throughout the late fall and early winter, trying to get donations so they can help people during the #holidays. This year is a little different, though…

Usually, by the time my birthday comes in early November, I am already seeing a couple volunteers standing outside of chain superstores. Right now, though, I am sitting here 13 days removed from that date and still have yet to see any kettle bell ringers. As I looked deeper into why this might be, I got some obvious answers while also finding out some solutions that could bring a little more normalcy to our world.

A Pressing Need

According to a statistic that I found thanks to the Green Bay Salvation Army, they generally have 12,000 kettle chips each year. As of last week, they only had around 600 of those filled, which could explain why I have yet to see this holiday staple when shopping and going around town.

#COVID-19 has obviously put a big damper on #volunteer turnout, but the #GreenBay Area #SalvationArmy is doing everything they can to encourage volunteers to come out and ring those bells. They are ensuring the safety of the volunteers as best they can by enforcing a mask-wearing policy, providing hand sanitizer, and making sure to keep the recommended 6-feet of social distancing between people at all times.

Why It’s Important

For those of you that do not know what the purpose of the kettle bell ringing is, I will explain a little more in-depth below.

This is the Salvation Army’s biggest fundraiser of the year. To show you just how big of a fundraiser it is, Green Bay’s coordinator set the goal this year to be $1,3 million. The money that they get will go to local families who need help meeting basic and spiritual needs; whether that is getting a winter coat for a child, food for the hungry, a Bible for a family in need, or getting a few Christmas presents for a family that would not be able to afford them otherwise.

How to Volunteer

As you can see, they are in desperate need of volunteers (only 5% of the usual amount so far).

If you would like to be a ringer, you can sign up at this link: https://registertoring.com/.

They have options for virtual ringing, as well as the usual individual or group in-person bell ringing.

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