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A lot of people are trying to figure out how they can prevent getting viruses and infections like COVID-19.  Some people think that wearing masks and gloves are the best way to stay protected.  Others believe that social distancing while using hand sanitizer is the way to go.  What I am not hearing a lot of, though, is how people can better protect themselves naturally. 

Through the foods and nutrients that our bodies intake, we can either build up or tear down our immune systems.  The biggest killer of our immune systems in terms of food – big shocker – is sugar, which may explain why some sicknesses affect the US and UK more than other countries.  Some of the foods that are known to impact our immune systems in a positive way include some obvious ones like spinach, broccoli, and kiwi.  Others are a little more off-the-wall, however, like fresh garlic and turmeric.

The reason I bring this up is because as the bigger chain restaurants are staying open for delivery and takeout options, I wanted to make you aware of one locally-owned, health-conscious place that is still open and trying to impact the community through better health.

The other day, I spoke with Brent Prechtl, who is the owner of Nectar – the fully-organic, gluten free café and juice bar that is located in downtown Green Bay.  He is impacting the community by infusing our great Northeast Wisconsin region with good, healthy food and drinks during a time when our immune systems are needing all the support they can get.

To better help the community, Nectar is offering free water fill-ups from their reverse osmosis system.  Nectar is also offering free kids’ smoothies to any child in school with the purchase of an adult item.  On top of that, they are providing customers with their immune-boosting juices at their wholesale price.  Their belief in reinforcing the immune health of our local area is that important. 

“I think this is important information for our community, as real nutrients are the best way to combat this type of virus, in my opinion,” said Brent. “The body is a big machine, and if the machine is operating with the proper energy source (nutrients) it won't be as prone to getting sick.”

In order to comply with the social distancing guidelines, Nectar is strictly doing takeout and deliver orders – you can still physically stop into the store to place a to-go order if you would like.  Whenever a customer enters and leaves their store, they are sterilizing each surface that was touched by the customer, so you can rest assured that the CDC’s health recommendations are being heard and followed.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Nectar, they are located at 227 N Washington St, Green Bay, WI 54301.  They provide smoothies, paninis, juices, health shots, soups and more.  Delivery is available on EatStreet.

Continue to support our local businesses and restaurants, as we can be the miracle and support system that they need right now.  You can get some great food, while supplying their staffs with a smile and a purpose during these uncertain times.

- Conor

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