Helping Those in Need

Food for The Hungry

The hunger problem in our world does not care about the fact that there is a global pandemic.  If anything, the global pandemic is just complicating an already horrible situation that we are facing in the world when it comes to millions of people going hungry.

A local entity, The Boys & Girls Club of the Fox Valley, is ensuring that they do their part in the fight against hunger, despite the changing environment that we all find ourselves in today.  Although they are continuing their summer meal program, it will look a little different than in years past.

As of right now, they supply about 150-meals-a-day-at each one of their sites (Menasha and Appleton).  This comes after supplying almost 25,000 meals to children over the past couple of months.  Two things are responsible for this change in supply: the way that they must prepare meals now and the process that they must go through to get meals out to people.

Homes for the Homeless

One of the scariest things to happen at any time – but especially during a pandemic – is becoming homeless.  Moving somewhere because of a new job while not having a place live there takes immense faith, whether you believe in a higher power or not.  Thankfully for a dad and his sons in northern Door County, there was a nonprofit company who answered the call in their time of need.

Door County Habitat for Humanity stepped up and took on the task of building a home for a family in need.  Right now, they are working hard to build the home in time for this family to move in.  The coolest part?  The family is actually working on the house as well!

If you are good with your hands and are wanting to use your talents for others, then you can volunteer by clicking on this link:

They are looking for people who know how to roof, paint, and landscape.  They are also looking for worksite hosts who greet the construction volunteers, set up snacks and lunches, and ensure that they have enough water to drink.

- Conor

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