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Get Cleaner

During this very uncertain time in our world, people are trying to help each other in more ways than ever before.  One of the ways that we – thanks to our partnership with Konica Minolta – have been able to help people for years is through Konica’s free Clean Planet Program.

This program makes it easy to help the environment stay clean and functioning well; so, you can sleep well at night knowing that when things get back to “normal”, you will have a healthy environment to come back to.

Hassle-Free Program

When you sign up for this free program, you will have the choice of two different ways to recycle:

  • Print off individual, pre-paid UPS shipping labels.

  • For our customers with a larger print volume, you can have a pre-labeled UPS Clean Planet box delivered to your location.  When your box is full, the only thing you need to do is schedule a pickup with UPS!

You can sign up on

Recycling Consumables

Thanks to this hassle-free program, you are able to recycle all of your consumables – whether those are toner cartridges, drums, or developer units.

This is not exclusive to just Konica Minolta branded cartridges either!  You can recycle other manufacturer’s cartridges as well (HP, Brother, Lexmark, etc).

Clean Printing, Clean Environment

Because of this program, you never have to wonder where your toners or other consumables are going.  They will all be sent to Konica Minolta and they will deal with actually recycling the materials.

This means that we can all rest easy knowing that our toner cartridges won’t be finding their way into the Fox River, onto the hiking trails in Ephraim, or inside the massive sturgeon you spear next winter on Lake Winnebago!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay CLEAN!

- Conor

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