DigiGals Give Back

When I started at Quality Assured Office Machines, I had no idea what I was getting into.  I was taking people’s word on what everything would be like.  People were saying that there were values within this company that did not exist in many others; that they were willing to help anyone within our community.  As I became engrained within the fabric of QAOM, I realized that all of this – and more – was true.

Having lived most of their lives in Northeast Wisconsin, owners Wendy Roberts and Marsha Muenster realized early that they wanted to be giving back to the community that they have been part of for so long.

“We have both always been very community involved…all year around you will find us out involved in something,” said Wendy.  “When we came together on the partnership with Quality Assured, it just made sense to take what we have already been doing and make it into something even more meaningful.”

They took their strong relationship from years of working on the same sales team and turned it into something that was powerful and impactful.  After purchasing QAOM back in 2016, they turned the focus from behind-the-scenes giving to an up-front form of giving – all in the name of finding more causes that they could donate time, money, and energy to.

The goal of starting the DigiGals Give Back Initiative was not to spread the word of their giving across the community.  It instead was to spread the actual giving across the community.  They wanted to start a chain reaction of giving throughout their great community; whether it was by sponsoring the local Breast Cancer Awareness pub crawl, donating a copier to a company who just lost their building to a fire, or helping a local family whose patriarch was recently diagnosed with cancer.

“We focus on our local community.  There are many great charities out there, but we feel it is important to take care of those who live and work around us; whether it is a foundation working towards community change, or a small group trying to raise money to support a family in need,” Wendy explained when asked what sets DigiGals apart.  “We are here to help donate time, money, materials or help in whatever way possible.  We are part of this community and want to make sure we are doing our part to give back when and where we can.”

To provide an example of what I am talking about, they decided to create a community-oriented campaign in July of 2019 that was attached to their DigiGals Give Back Initiative.  As a company, Quality Assured started the ‘Christmas in July’ program – a program that was founded on the idea that giving can in turn lead to more giving.

The concept?  We gave a copier to companies who were making major impacts within the Northeast Wisconsin community.  That way they could take the money from their normal copier budget and put it into their community initiatives.  Money that would have otherwise gone toward a copier was now able to be put directly back into our community to help those in need.

I asked Wendy why they feel such a connection to their Northeast Wisconsin community.  Her response likely will not shock those of you who have called this area home for any extended period of time.

“The trusting, hardworking, community-driven people that work and live in our area,” said Wendy.  “They are far superior to those you meet in other areas.  Complete strangers are willing to do almost anything for their fellow neighbors.”

The greatness that they see within their community causes them to want to be great for their community.


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