Bringing Hope in Uncertain Times

During one of our recent Personal Development meetings for the Sales & Marketing team, I had a light bulb go off in my head.  A light bulb that was turned on by my team members, and it said, “Why not spend your time looking for positives in the world instead of letting the negatives control you?”

Going into the meeting, I was in a horrible headspace and felt like I was stuck there.  All the constant negative news, politics, and change that had been brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic was getting to me and quickly changing my outlook on life and people.  I did not realize it, though, until the rest of my team’s tough love challenged me and pointed all this out over the course of the Friday meeting.

After the meeting and throughout the ensuing weekend, my whole outlook changed for the better and I stopped letting the news, politics, and negativity fester in my heart.  I started to actively look for good and positive things and was even noticing them randomly throughout my day.  I got back the old Conor that existed before all this craziness and I even felt a little better than the old me!  The reason I bring this up is because that meeting was one of the catalysts behind this blog and the idea of bringing positivity to a world that is badly needing it.

At Quality Assured Office Machines, our slogan is “more than copiers & printers, it’s peace of mind.”  Our identity does not rest in the physical things that we sell, but rather exists in the intangibles that people feel when they encounter our company.  That identity is the lens that we filter everything through, and it has led our team to the idea of bringing hope, joy, and positivity to a community and world that badly needs it.  Thankfully it is as free as the air we breathe.

We encourage you to please come back to get your dose of hope and positivity as you can see some truly great things that are happening within our community.  Whether they are highlights of how people are helping or posts about what local companies are doing, we want to provide Northeast Wisconsin with the hope that can be found in these stories.

Take a moment to check out the wonderful & heart-warming things that have been happening in and around our community here in Northeast Wisconsin!

Feeding The Community

People within our team and vast network are constantly looking for different ways that they can help during these uncertain times.  If you are like them, here is a great way that you can make a difference!

The Boys & Girls Club of Door County has stepped up to the plate and become a kitchen site for the Door County Meals Cooperative.  By doing this, they are getting meals out to members in the community who may not otherwise eat.  This makes a huge difference at a time when children are not able to get their usual meals at school due to their indefinite closing.

They are partnering with different local businesses in this mission to provide food to those in need.  On March 30th, they were able to package over 600 different meals!

Along with prepping and packaging those meals, they are also taking the lead on training other facilities on how to do this.  The Boys and Girls Club of Door County is training others to understand the strict guidelines that need to be followed in order to safely prepare, package, and distribute meals on a large scale.  They are not only taking the initiative to provide meals, but they are also equipping others to do the same exact thing.

If you would like to help, please visit their website and reach out to them.

Heart Hunters

There is a movement that is sweeping across our country and community that involves bringing a smile to faces and fun to mundane walks.

The “Happy Heart Hunt” group on Facebook is putting cutout hearts on their windows to give a fun game to anyone who is out walking.  Younger kids are turning this into a game and seeing how many hearts they can find on a walk before going back home.

As the dad of a toddler who is anxious to go outside whenever he can, this movement might be my favorite thing that I have seen so far.  It will give my wife and I another excuse to take our little guy outside while giving us a game to play at the same time!

Join the movement and tape some cutout hearts on your windows!  You just might make this little dude smile…

- Conor

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