Giving back to charities that YOU support

Quality Assured Office Machines is a Certified Women Owned Business with a team of exceptional individuals who are here to support and service you and your business. Our owners, Wendy Roberts and Marsha Muenster (also known as the DigiGals) reside in Northeast Wisconsin, along with our team members and are active members of our community.

Their DigiGals Give Back initiative focuses on local businesses supporting other local businesses and in turn giving back to the charitable and non-profit organizations throughout the Northeast Wisconsin communities.

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We know you have several options when choosing a vendor and the importance of your
investments staying in your community, Quality Assured is locally owned and operated and all
your money stays here verses being invested back into the big cities or other communities. We
strive to make positive impacts in the lives of our employees, customers, and their families lives.

Our approach is unconventional in that we give back to families and are dedicated to changing lives in our community by donating and volunteering here in Northeast Wisconsin. 

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