Multifunctional devices for social distancing within your workspace
Digital recorders for medical superheroes & nursing homes
Our resources including vehicles for deliveries

Quality Assured Office Machines, Inc. has been providing service since 1975 and will continue to be throughout this time of uncertainty in our world, state, and great community of Northeast Wisconsin.  We are staying open as an essential business so we can provide the much-needed support to our healthcare facilities, logistics companies, and so many more industries that need our services.  

The ways in which we are conducting business during this time may change, but you can rest assured that we will continue to provide the same level of service as always and are following the safe practices guidelines based on the CDC recommendations.  

Thanks to the technology of today, a lot of our staff is able to work remotely in a way that better serves our community’s health and safety, while still being able to ensure that your business can run as smoothly as possible.  We are very aware that each business has a specific plan that they are using to combat COVID-19, and we are remaining flexible in how we can best you while remaining respectful of company procedures put in place – whether that means remotely fixing a service issue or taking extra precautions when entering your building.  

If there is any need that we can help you with, please email  


Take care, stay safe. 

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